Today it gives great pleasure to chat with Sylvia Tillman, founder of Tremendous TRE. We met in the beautiful setting of Archive Ramsgate for her recent brand shoot. I'm fascinated by her work and I was so excited to share more about what she does here with you!

So Sylvia, it is great to chat with you today. Could you introduce yourself and share some insight into the work that you do?  

Sure, Rebecca, and great to talk to you after our fabulous photo shoot, which I sooooo enjoyed.

My background is in IT and Business, but my big love is – and has been for the last 25 years – alternative health. I've trained in a few modalities and now I do what I really enjoy doing and that's how I can help my clients most. I offer Jikiden Reiki treatments, facilitate Laughter Yoga sessions and my absolute favourite: teach TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises), an amazing somatic stress release modality.

Sylvia Tillman founder of Tremendous TRE.

I can sense how deeply passionate you are about the work that you do when we were shooting your joy and inspiration flowed through all that you do. I'm curious to know what led you to explore TRE?

When the pandemic hit I was quite interested in the big topic of trauma – after all we were experiencing a collective trauma according to experts. I wanted to help people and I re-discovered TRE®. I have a foundation training in counselling, but working cognitively didn't do much for me. So, when I then trained in TRE®, I was blown away as it made so much more sense to me – our bodies are amazing! And our minds are far too busy anyway, so let's give them a break and let the body do the work.

Sylvia Tillman founder of Tremendous TRE.

We're in a world where carrying excessive stress and pushing to burn out is worn almost like a badge of honour and worse still it is so often rewarded! Your work is at the heart of disrupting these beliefs and taking people on a journey to gain tools to support them for the rest of their life. What are the most powerful transformations you've witnessed in your work? 

You've summed it up pretty well, Rebecca. I always say I am teaching, that means empowering my clients to help themselves, rather than “just” treating them. I love it and my clients learn a tool for life that they can use forever. I've had really great feedback, but my favourite one is the woman who saw her physio twice a week and her osteopath every fortnight. Now she's treating herself. Just a few minutes of practising TRE®, which saves time and money, too.

Sylvia Tillman founder of Tremendous TRE.

As we journey towards Winter Solstice and daylight hours are at their shortest, there can be impacts on our health. What would your biggest tip be for people to try to integrate into their daily routine for this time of year?

Soak up as much daylight as possible. And also – quite important – make sure you are taking a liquid Vitamin D supplement as it can improve mood and support a healthy immune system. Most importantly, though, and of course I'd say that 😉 I'd recommend learning and practising TRE®. It can soothe and anchor the nervous system and build resilience, which is so important, especially in current times.

Sylvia Tillman founder of Tremendous TRE.

What is on the horizon for you for the rest of the year and into 2023? And how can folk work with you? 

Having taught TRE® mainly online and in many different countries – I really want to introduce Thanet and East Kent to its TREmendous abilities. I invite your readers to check out my website to see if it resonates with them. And if they are ready to heal and treat themselves, TRE® might just be what they were looking for. As TRE® is releasing the tension we are holding in our bodies, it's great for getting rid of tension-related aches and pains such as headaches, back pain, teeth grinding, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety/irritability etc.

How can folk find out more about you? 


Insta: @learntre


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