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Learn about the enchanting Aurora Borealis with me

While photography is my job and my passion, my specialist subject is the aurora borealis. 

As a brand photographer deeply connected to nature, capturing the ethereal beauty of the aurora borealis has become my defining passion. 

The fact I’ve become known as the girl who chases the aurora fills me with joy! I’m thrilled to share that I’ve been invited to speak at two exciting upcoming events, where I’ll dive into the wonders of astrophotography.

Aurora Corona overhead

Speaker engagement: Unveiling the Secrets of how to see and photograph the aurora borealis

This week, I’ll be taking the stage at the National Space Centre for the Space Lates series. I will be presenting “How to See and Photograph the Aurora Borealis.” To be speaking at such an extraordinary event, dedicated to astronomy and space exploration, is a dream come true. It’s a proper ‘pinch me’ moment to say the least.

Space Lates is an evening created for anyone interested in astronomy, space missions and the exciting research happening right here in the UK, around the world and way out there in space. It’s set to be an evening filled with super knowledgeable speakers, workshops, demos, planetarium shows and stargazing. 

I’ll be speaking on Friday 2 February at 6.15 pm and 7.15 pm. You can also explore the Space Centre’s galleries after-hours and immerse yourself in a live astronomy session. How cool is that? 

If you’d like to get in on the magick, tickets are available here.

And if you do come along, make sure come say hi, I’d love to connect.

Captivating aurora borealis dancing across the night sky, showcasing vibrant hues of green and purple in a mesmerizing celestial display.

Main Stage feature: ‘When the world goes dark’

Following this cosmic adventure at the National Space Centre, I’m honoured to be speaking again in March. Taq“his time on the main stage at The Photography and Video Show at the Birmingham NEC. 

My talk, titled ‘When the world goes dark,’ explores the joy found in darkness. It will combine my love for the aurora with the magic of underwater photography. How epic is that? Honestly, I’m thrilled because I truly believe that in the darkness there’s so much joy to be found.

This talk combines my love of the dark skies and chasing the aurora with my love of the joy which can be found underwater.  

I’ve curated this talk especially for the Photography Show. I’ll explore the tools, apps and techniques I use for night sky and underwater photography.

Ready for an epic journey into the night sky and underwater photography? Join me on Tuesday, 19th March 2024, at 11.30 am. Secure your ticket here.

Nurturing new perspectives under dark skies

As a nature-aligned brand photographer, I’ve been using the dark nights and the wintering season to cultivate new ways of being seen and sharing my passions. I’ve made sure I have the time, space and rest to connect with myself and the radically authentic essence of my brand. 

The tranquillity of the dark skies has inspired me to share my knowledge and wisdom about capturing the aurora. This allows even more people to experience its beauty.

Unveiling aurora magick: stay tuned!

The 2023-24 aurora season has been wild. 

Nothing short of magickal, with sightings in Cornwall and Kent during the active phase of the 11 year solar cycle. I’ve crafted something special I’m eager to share with you as I get set to unveil my latest creation in the coming days. 

Interested in learning more about aurora? Not only find and see it, but capture it through your lens? Stay tuned because I’ve created something you’ll absolutely want to get your eyes on. 

It won’t be long before you’re chasing the aurora with confidence and capturing the images to remind you of the magick you’ve seen.

For a sneak peek, sign up for the waitlist here and be the first to discover the aurora magick bubbling behind the scenes. If you’re interested in booking me for an upcoming speaker event or have any questions, find out more about me here or drop me an email at hello@rebeccadouglas.co.uk. Let’s embark on this aurora-filled journey together.

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