I’ve been invited to speak at several events this year about Aurora Photography. I am speaking at the National Space Centre about ‘How to see & photograph the aurora borealis’ on Friday 2nd Feb 2024 at 6:15pm and 7:15pm. I am also heading to The Photography and Video Show at the Birmingham NEC on Tuesday 19th March 2024. I’ll be delivering a talk titled ‘When the world goes dark!’.

How epic is that?

Finding joy in darkness through Aurora Photography

Because in the darkness there’s so much joy to be found. I’ve been using the dark nights and the wintering season to nurture new ways of being seen and sharing my passions. To have the time, space and rest to connect with myself and the radically authentic essence of my brand.

A stunning display of the Aurora Borealis lights up the night sky, showcasing vibrant hues of green and purple dancing over a landscape.

One thing that’s emerged from the dark nights, is my desire to share my knowledge and wisdom about capturing the Aurora so that more people get to experience the beauty of it all.

The 2023-24 aurora season has been wild so far! I’ve captured the aurora in Cornwall and Kent, made possible as we head into a more active phase of the 11 year solar cycle.

I’m continually inundated with requests from people wanting to know how to get into aurora photography, especially as we have the chance of seeing it right on our doorstep.

Unveiling my online courses

So, I’ve been busy creating online courses so you can ‘Become an aurora chaser’! They will be launching later this week! Be the first to know by signing up here.

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