How to stand out in a noisy world (for being YOU) 

I wrote a blog earlier this month about visibility, rejecting the culture of self-improvement mantras and encouraging you to step into the confidence of being YOU. To celebrate your existing strengths and discover the power in simply being yourself. 

Because I believe you’re pure magick just as you are. 

The Radical Essence of Genuine Visibility: A Transformative Act

In a world where mainstream narratives in society are so deeply entrenched in constructs created within broken systems and structures, the act of being seen authentically emerges is a profound and revolutionary act. Societal constructs are woven with threads of oppression and exploitation, the radical essence of genuine visibility takes on transformative power. 

It becomes a portal to a world where we’re not confined by societal expectations or distorted ideals. When we shoot together, we get to unravel the layers of conformity, revealing the raw, unfiltered truth. This kind of visibility is a form of rebellion against a system that is harming people and planet and I’m here to fire up that rebellion.

Rejecting toxic concepts of beauty: The Power of Being YOU Unapologetically

Together, we get to reject the limitations of what societal projects around expectations of beauty. I’m here to shoot in celebration of the diverse, the unconventional, and the unapologetically real. We get to challenge the status quo by dismantling the conventional narratives that perpetuate inequality, liberate ourselves from the constraints of a world that often seeks to confine and categorise.

Let your photos be a medium through which the essence of divine, wild wisdom is captured. A visual manifesto to embolden a soulful connection to self, source, and the collective consciousness. It’s a call to rewild the soul, reconnect with nature, and forge a path towards a future that sustains not only individuals but the entire planet.

A visual narrative 

This is more than just photography; it is a visual narrative that challenges, questions, and ultimately reshapes the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. It’s an invitation to be seen not as society dictates, but as we authentically are—radical, unfiltered, and unapologetically real.

In our modern world, it's easy to lose sight of your own path. That's why anchoring yourself to your authenticity - both who you are and who you want to be - is crucial. Your success and fulfilment should solely be driven by your individuality and authenticity. By taking up more space in the world, just as you are, you create more space for others to follow.

Step into your power 

Your power lies in your unique perspective, your authentic voice and your lived experiences. When you embrace these aspects of yourself you can become a powerful advocate for change. 

Stand up, speak out and challenge the status quo because the world needs what you uniquely offer – your poetry, your strength, your passion, your magick and your unapologetic self.

Ready for the revolution? 

Because when you have images that truly feel like you and what you do, it disrupts your own narrative, it is radical. You go out and claim space in an empowered way. It’s time for your light to shine, because our planet doesn't have time for vanilla.

My diary is open for full-day and half-day shoots for soul-aligned visionaries, leaders and brands. 

Big love,


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