On the journey to your branding shoot, there are so many elements to consider and I am with you every step of the way. We will work together to craft a plan for magic that has authenticity weaved in at every note, because all that you are, is all that we need.

1. You don't need to rush out and buy new clothes & accessories

I firmly believe that you’re safe to show up just as you are. I get it, there can suddenly be a sense of pressure to show up in a certain way. Because for like, forever, social constructs have told us we need to be or look a certain way and wear certain things in moments like this. But my loves, I want you to know that this is an utter BS narrative. One created in a boardroom by folk who want us to buy into the idea we must be buying things to be seen in a certain way. I hand on heart reckon that you already have outfits you love wearing that make your soul shine, because you feel like you.

2. You don't need to look at what others are doing, we don't have time for copy and paste, where we're going is way more radical than that!

....and we get to dance with something way more powerful when it comes to planning your shoot, we get to play in a connected way. I'll ask you to really lean into how you want to feel. 'Cos it's all about the energy and creating a connection between us. We'll be tapping into the most authentic version of you and I am here to unearth what that means to you. We don't need to waste our energy looking at what other people in your market area are doing. (pssst, because they are not you.) I can't tell you how much power comes from staying in your lane, focusing on you and only you.

We will co-create images with you, your values, your mission, your beliefs, your wildest dreams for yourself at the heart. You'll hit me up with words, feelings, archetypes, emotions, themes, how things connect to your senses, how things feel in your body, in your heart, in your mind. Because this is the alchemy of all that you are, all that you do and all that gets to be in the moment when we shoot together.

3. You don't need to worry about the time of year that we're shooting

We will dream up an ideal locations for your brand shoot, knowing we have landed somewhere that feels totally aligned. I am a light chaser and love aligning to nature's elemental wisdom. We'll call on the seasons, wrapping the heartbeat of our shoot to the cyclical rhythm of nature. I genuinely believe that there is magic in every season and by placing trust in the moment, all that we need will come into being. There is something powerful about shooting in each season, aligned to the energy you're feeling in your business. What you get to bring to your clients helps to root deep connections.

What does all of this mean?

And here's the truth-bomb: planning with this approach is so brilliantly potent. You're so wrapped up in your own plan, everything gets to flow from a place of enoughness. It's the best preparation for capturing raw, radical self-expression. More of you, being abundantly you, showing up and claiming space, just as you are. Showing others in your circle that as it is possible for you and it possible for them too. And it is this that disrupt the paradigm. Because, you're leading from a place of authenticity. Being totally you and you know it is safe to be seen, just as you are. Whooah, juicy, right?

Want me as part of your team? It's easier than you may think...

The Annual Plan is there to make your life easier so you never have to wonder what images to post. It's there to give you the visual storytelling of you in this season, giving you the images you need to document your evolution, the ever shifting energy and growth of your brand.

Want to be empowered in every season?

Capturing your evolution so you can be empowered in every season.

Get strategic, show you take your business seriously.

Celebrate the shedding of the layers.

Feel emboldened by the energy each of the seasons bring.

Let's face it, the moment you read this, think back 3 months ago, you are not the same version of yourself now, as you were then.

We change. Businesses change. Offers come and go.

Your storytelling gets to be more aligned, when you invest in your visibility in this way. It feels more relevant. You build up a bigger brand library and never have to scramble for a relevant image again.

Ready to get your visibility mapped out for the next year?

The Annual Plans start at £1100, with 4 shoots a year, one per season. Curious? Drop me an email to find out more: hello@rebeccadouglas.co.uk.

One final thought from me: Let's make you visible, the world needs to see your magic.

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