When images and brands dance together!

Before the latest shoot I did for Claire Diane, one of my annual package clients, Claire shared the colour palette for her new branding. The creative designer for her new website asked if we could find these colours in nature and use them as the backdrop for our next shoot.

It was an immediate ‘Hell yeah!’ from me. 

Nature's Canvas: Crafting the Perfect Scene

With the most beautiful colour palette of lilac, green and dusky pinks, I went in search of the ideal location to capture what she was looking for. 

The result was truly epic, we nailed it. And the result, seeing the images dance with her branding gave me goosebumps. 

Claire Diane: When images and brands dance together

Beyond Photography: Elevating Your Brand's Essence

When you book me, you get me on your creative team. I’m all in.

I know how powerful it is when everything is in tune. It elevates you and your brand to a whole new level. If you have a creative team, I’ll work collaboratively with them so they can share their vision for the images and where they’re going to be placed.

Having a photographer work as part of your team means you’ll be covered for things you’ve probably not even thought about. For example, ensuring you have a selection of both portrait and landscape images with different positionings and focus. And images with negative space so you or your designer can include text overlays on your website and marketing.

My editorial style of shooting, using two cameras, means I can capture whatever it is you and your creative team need.

You’re supported and held every step of the way, from conception and planning to helping you step into your visibility on the day itself without the worry that you won’t get what you need.

If you’d like me to be part of your team, get in touch. You can click here for more information about annual plans, which deeply root our co-creation.

3 Tips for Consistent Brand Colors in Your Images

Here are 3 things to consider to help with consistency of your brand colours in your images:

  1. The seasonal backdrop
    If you have a brand palette or a certain colour, tone or feeling you want to convey, think about the natural backdrop and arrange your shoot for a season which supports your vision. Download my Seasonal Guide to Seasonal Visibility here for more guidance.
  2. Think about your wardrobe and accessories
    What you wear, not only in terms of colour, but the fabric and texture can help convey your brand aesthetic. Think about how the clothes will move. Think about the shapes the fabrics may make and most of all how comfortable you feel. This can all help to convey the energy of your brand and the feeling of working with you.
  3. Props
    You may want to introduce a colour through the use of a prop. It could be something simple like a hat or a scarf. Everyone always asks what to do with their hands; I’ll guide you! Sometimes it's good to think about how props can help you feel safe and ease you into the shoot. I love to use nature’s props in my shoots, something simple like a leaf or a crystal can have beautiful results.

And if you want to follow in Claire footsteps and get me on your team all year, take a look at my annual package. It really is as magick as you can imagine (and more).

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