My experience as a lecturer on employability had building personal brand at the heart of the work that I did. It rooted an in-depth understanding of the strategic importance of visibility and how important it is to be seen, be relatable and to be able to connect in ways that would help people articulate their skills and experience to open doors in their career journey. And I see so many parallels between this and the importance of branding photography.

I might need to take you back a couple of steps here, as you may not know that I was lecturer in employability and skill development. And this role built on five years experience of working in recruitment and business development. One thing that was the most abundantly clear in these roles was the importance of being able to clearly connect with the people you were approaching for work.

When I worked in recruitment I would coach people on how to refine their CV and cover letter to ensure that they would be successful when I put them forward for jobs. I had this innate sense of how to really highlight a person's key skills and attributes and it was incredible to be able to support people to make steps in their careers.

In lecturing on employability, the concept was the same but the audience was different in every lecture. I needed to understand the subject area, more about the demographics of the students, the learning outcomes fo the modules the students were undertaking and each lecture I delivered would be tailored to make it relatable and relevant to them, so they stayed engaged and the impact of the session was a potent one. I'd be talking to a group of first year science students in one hour and moving on to prepare third year business students for graduate recruitment scheme interview processes.

But there was one constant. Introducing the concept of building your personal brand and underscoring this each time I met with the group. Because it didn't matter if that student was going to be employed or self employed, each was building their own unique path and this collection of experiences would go on to set the foundation of their first career move. It was the beginning of framing the idea of cultivating an online presence, thinking about how you want an employer or potential client to see you and the things you share and to bring in more of a strategic mindset of what they were visible for.

And just like the lecturing on personal brand, all of this translates to branding photography, it roots with an in-depth understanding of the strategic importance of visibility and how important it is to be seen, be relatable and to be able to connect with the hearts and minds of the people you serve. We get to play with your magic, the work you do, your own unique biography that blends all of your skills and experience. We craft a space where co-creation and trusting in the alchemy of the moment means together we capture your essence to create images that totally feel like you.

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