What impact does your work have beyond what your clients signed up for?

Capturing soulful and radically authentic imagery that anchors your values and vision is at the heart of my being. It’s threaded and entwined through everything I do. But what impact does this and the images we capture together have beyond your personal branding photography session?

Many of my clients have come back to me to share how their images have impacted their business. Whether they have physical products or not, and if they use them for their website or social media – it fills my heart to know that these images we captured together connect and align with their customers and clients.

Being able to translate your business, your values, your ethos, and your aesthetic into purpose-driven imagery that supports and amplifies what you already do can be tricky. Some of my clients’ businesses rely on this purpose-driven imagery and need soulful images to translate their values to their customers.

Take these incredibly kind words from Sarah at Swallowtail Hill – an off-grid and completely sustainable glamping site in East Sussex.

‘My potential guests need to fall in love with Swallowtail Hill and want to book. It’s not as straightforward as having ‘good photos’. It isn’t just about making our accommodation look great and capturing the landscape in good light. It’s about something much bigger than this! Rebecca quite simply gets us – she listens deeply to what we’re trying to achieve as a business, she understands our brand values, recognises the atmosphere we work hard at creating for all of our guests – and then, with great skill, she captures all of that.’.

It’s something much bigger than good photos. It’s about how you want people to feel when they see your images, your products, and in essence, you! It’s about levelling up your business to a higher place and making your customers and clients feel that connection that resonates and lasts. Images have an impact, and the journey we have together whilst taking your personal branding images will resonate with people and form a relationship that lasts.

And all of this translates into the next step of your business. It informs how you’ll go forward with social media, advertising, how you market your business, and how your website will look. It’s incredible to know the impact of these images we curate together has such a lasting impact and drives forward a business’s ethos and values. 

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