Top tips to weather proof your photoshoot during the autumn and winter months in the UK. Because a backup plan is essential!
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How to weather proof your photoshoot in Autumn and Winter

When you live in Britain, there is always a flirt with the unknown when you plan anything outside. And you have to bring in some divine trust that all that you desire will come in to being.

Regardless of season, I think it is agonising being drawn in to looking at the long range forecast. In reality so much can change. It’s always better to look at it 24 hours in advance and not go through that stressful dance with the weather crystal ball! 

And when it comes to relying on the weather (especially in winter) a back up plan is essential. Most definitely when we’re trying to work outside.

I remember this time when I’d been walking the journey to a shoot with a client. She was so worried about the weather and was looking at the long range 10 days ahead. I really try and hold my nerve with the weather, because so much can change and so I don’t tend to look at the forecast until 24-48 hours out. And sometimes they can do such a massive swing. From weather that would have been a wash out to one of the most glorious days! It isn’t worth dancing with those long range predictions! 

If you’ve known me for a while you’ll know the weather doesn’t put me off getting outside (I generally head North while everyone else heads South for travels). But there are times when it can certainly hamper our efforts when it comes to doing brand shoots outside.

Here are my top tips for planning shoots this season:

1. We keep our eye on the Plan A – I am a firm believer that keeping our energy and intention aligned to the dream vision is the best way to invest your time and thoughts leading up to the shoot. 

2. Bring layers – If we are shooting outside, it can feel a little chilly and so I recommend bringing big layers or a blanket or dry robe, so you can bundle up for a little while if you’re feeling the temperature.

3. Prep a hot water bottle – If you’re someone who feels the cold, bringing a hot water bottle can be a great regulator, pausing between shots to snug some heat from it. 

4. Bring a hot drink – Having your favourite drink in a flask or keep cup is another great giver of warmth. If you’re bundled up in a blanket, supping on something warm, it will really help to regulate through the shoot. 

5. Planning outfits – If you are wanting to vary outfits, some may be warmer than others. So you could plan in switching between warmer and colder looks, so the cold doesn’t get into your bones for too long! 

6. Mix in movement – It may be that you don’t want a lot of movement in your images. But in between shots or when you’re changing outfits, it is great to move around and help to keep the blood flowing and the warmth up!

And while having a plan is always a good idea, sometimes even a plan B can go out of the window…

When the weather is too bad, I’ll look to reschedule brand shoots that really need better weather. But it takes more than a little rain for that to be necessary. When I commit a date to shooting for you, I then reject work not only on that day but in that week once I reach capacity. This is because I have to factor in editing and the support I give along the journey to each shoot. Moving a shoot last minute to respond to weather then makes space that I generally can’t fill at short notice. And then moves your shoot to a time that would have been available for new work. With shooting outdoors, we are in the hands of nature. So I trust in the timing and hope that she meets our shared commitment to co-creating with her on that date! 

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