Embracing September's Optimism and New Beginnings

When early September rolls around, I can’t help but get those back to school vibes. I think it’s a mix of my time spent as a lecturer that brings back those nostalgic feelings and the fond memories of Sheffield’s bronzing leaves as I’d head back to uni this time of year.

There’s just something about September that evokes a sense of optimism, and the boundless possibilities that come with a new term or a new season.

Do you feel it too?

Nature's Cycle and the Wheel of the Year

As you may know, I am deeply connected to nature and seasonal alignment and follow the Wheel of the Year. It’s a time to welcome in the harvest, to express gratitude for the abundance of the Earth. Celebrating the journey of planting and growth, with harvest - the fruits of our labour.

While I’m a self-proclaimed lover of winter, I also embrace the start of the harvest season, the shorter days and the darker nights. 

After a whirlwind of experience during spring and summer, the thought of the moments of hunkering down that winter brings fills me with pure joy.

Since our departure for Iceland back in March, I’ve been on the road, constantly packing and repacking my bag as I embarked on shoots and adventures across the UK. The fact that I get to call this work still amazes me.

Last month, I had one of those pinch me moments when my client Rose Murray - who runs These White Walls - an exceptional, award-winning global interior designer who has one of my annual packages - asked me to join her for a shoot in Italy, to capture images within the surroundings of one of her latest projects, Nordelaia.

My, oh my! I tried hard to contain my excitement during our zoom when she asked me! 

Rose is an incredible person and her work is breathtaking. And let me tell you, Nodelalia is no exception. 

Unveiling Nordelaia: Where Elegance Meets Tranquility

Nordelaia stands as a beacon of elegance and tranquillity, perfectly blending modern sophistication and traditional charm. This enchanting hotel offers an unforgettable experience for travellers seeking a luxurious escape. It was an honour to capture the essence of Nordelaia through my lens.

The Power of Co-Creation and Inspiration

One of my favourite things about this trip was to have time with Rose, the spaciousness that travelling created brought such depth to our conversations. And this depth garnered flow, true co-creation fusing how we both see light, lines, colour, texture and abstract shapes in each moment, it really heightened the whole experience and we both felt aglow from the energy that built as the time unfolded... 

To see Rose standing within her work, with her partner and daughter there to witness it, was incredibly powerful and so inspiring. The images we captured truly reflect the beauty and energy of the space and the artist who curated the incredible design. 

Embrace the Magic Within You

If you’re feeling the optimism of this new season, maybe you too are feeling the pull to book an annual package like Rose...

Imagine a bespoke plan created just for you. Imagine spending a year together, embarking on a journey of growth and visibility. The possibilities are endless. 

Think about where you could be this time next year. The opportunities are limitless. 

Discover more about my annual plans below.

And in the meantime, keep doing you. Because you really are magick.

Consistency in your visual identity is an integral part of any brand strategy and that is why I have created annual plans and subscriptions to support you in this way. I adore working with clients on a regular basis, we form such a beautiful bond, of trust and knowing, being able to build on the creative for each shoot and naturally following the cyclical nature of the year, weaving in seasonality. These are some of the most popular options and I am happy to tailor something to meet your needs too.

2 hours per quarter

1 hour per quarter


Lots can happen in a quarter, teams grow, products and services evolve and your images need to reflect this. This gives you a 2 hour session every quarter.

Connecting to the seasons is at the heart of your work and so having images captured as the year cycles feels beautifully aligned.

Monthly shooting is ideal if you have a brand that has regular launches and needs your visuals to keep pace with this.



Pay up front & save £300

Pay up front & save £100


Pay Up front & Save £200

pay monthly by direct debit

pay monthly by direct debit

Pay monthy by Direct debit

12 x £300/m

12 x £100/m

12 x £200/m

I am always happy to tailor an annual plan for you, so please just drop me an email with a little more information about your ideal plan. These prices are based on shooting in Thanet, travel fees apply, so please contact me and I will pop a bespoke quote together for you.

Nordalia is based in Cremolino in North Italy in five acres of hectares of arable farmland. It was built around an 800 year old farm house with local architect Valerio Tunesi working on the project, as part of the three year restoration and development.

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