The magic of a place plays a big role in choosing a location for a brand shoot. I love to hear what is calling you and your heart. Hear your wildest desires about the dream location that you would want to have your brand shoot in.

One of my clients who loves to play with the energy of what a location brings is Pandora Paloma. We shoot together on a monthly basis as part of my annual subscription club. Each time we shoot, there is a moment of magic where we play with how and where we get to co-create. 

In July, Pandora left me a voice note. She said she felt called to a location this month - a field of flowers. She asked if I could recommend anywhere. Within moments there was a flirtation about shooting in a lavender field.

As a photographer there are sometimes places you have on a mental Wish List where you'd like to shoot. And so I was super thrilled about this idea. I said it would be amazing to shoot in golden hour and the universe listened. We found a lavender field with availability on the date we were planning and they had space to shoot at golden hour. 

We set off on a roadtrip and were gifted with the most divine weather imaginable for the shoot. The sense of relaxation that transcended our experience of co-creation was serene as the gorgeous scent of lavender filled the air and the bees buzz around creating the sound track!

And while I often suggest a location for a client's shoot, because people are travelling to me to have their shoot beside the sea, I always love it when folk come up with the magic suggestions too. 

When you're choosing a shoot location that connects with your soul, bear this in mind:

1. What time of day speaks to your soul?

When are you in such free flow, when your best work and your radiance glows? People often have a lean towards being a early bird or a night owl. That may sway whether you choose to shoot at sunrise or sunset. We can make plans around what the light will be like. For example, where it will rise, where it will set and how it will paint across the duration of your shoot. This way we can maximise the beauty of everything the sun delivers.

2. You may not be called to shoot outside, I adore shooting indoors.

Many clients invite me to shoot where they work from and this has a beautiful connection to all that they do. However, when hosting a shoot somewhere that you use regularly, it's really good to just cast your eye over the space. Check whether there are any tweaks and changes that you want to make. Just so that the space feels ready for you to shoot in.

3. It might be relevant to you to hire somewhere to shoot with both indoor and outdoor spaces that really align with your values and vision for your business.

For many of us we work from home and it might not be the ideal space for a shoot. So some clients will hire a venue space. This could be a hotel, an Airbnb, a café etc. Anywhere that really connects with your clients and reflects the work that you do.

4. I know that sometimes it's difficult to find a space.

It can be quite time-consuming to search. So, I developed Shoot and Stay where I have a handpicked selection of accommodation where the hosts are happy for a photo shoot to take part during your stay. What's great about this is that you could build in a mini business retreat, have some time to step back and work on your business. It might be an opportunity to book in time with a business coach or content strategist as well as creating some spaciousness for wellness and investment in yourself so that you can feel good first to then move forward to do good in your business.

5. I love to host Brand Shoot Days, where I hire a gorgeous location and make slots available to book in.

It takes the pain out of the whole process. The next Brand Shoot Day has just launched, on Wed 30th Nov at Broadstairs Location House - you can find out more by clicking here. 

And with only 7 more weeks left that I'll be available to shoot this year, it is a great time to get in touch to chat more about your shoot. Drop me an email and let's see how I can help you.

Big love, 


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