Magic moments with wildlife – Dolphins flanking the ferry to Isle of Skye

Something completely unexpected happened when we were in Scotland over the Jubilee weekend and this moment will be etched on my heart forever.

We took the ferry to Isle of Skye for the day & as we approached the Isle, suddenly the water came alive.

Common Dolphins were leaping out of the water everywhere. They were a way ahead but it looked like they started to come towards us.

They went under the ferry and I looked over to see if I could see them and there must have been a dozen, effortlessly gliding along in the wake of the boat, leaping in and out of the water.

It was so magical to see, my eyes started welling up, seeing these gorgeous mammals of the sea, playing beside the boat.

And as we started to reach the port they turned and swam northwards into the distance.

I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. We had an amazing day on Skye and we’re excited about our crossing on the way back.

We saw a pod of dolphins again, they didn’t get as close this time, but close enough for us to be wowed by their acrobatics!

I was tempted to spend the day going backwards and forwards as a foot passenger today! I don’t fare to well on boats, but this crossing was so calm, virtually no swell and so to have this treat of a lifetime unfold was beyond anything I’d ever dreamed of!

Update: some interesting photo chatter unfolded over on instagram….not drone shots! I was on the outside top deck of the ferry, maybe 6m above the water, all shot with 70-200mm. They were literally beside the ferry, so I was looking down on them giving the photos this aerial perspective ✨✨

Dolphin pod scotland
pod of dolphins isle of skye
Dolphin diving in sea scotland
Dolphins swimming in water beside ferry Isle of Skye
Dolphins splashing in the sea scotland
dolphins leaping out of the sea

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