Unleashing the Power of Transformative Moments

Do you remember those moments that seem to imprint themselves in your memory forever? The ones that send shivers down your spine every time they cross your mind? Three years ago, I found myself basking in the radiant glow of the harvest moon, a moment that would shape the trajectory of my business and my life. It was during this luminous spectacle that I summoned the courage to make a daring decision that would alter the course of my professional journey.

Embracing Change: A Bold Decision

Sitting under the captivating embrace of the harvest moon, I confronted a pivotal crossroads in my career. At that juncture, weddings constituted a staggering 80% of my workload. Yet, in that ethereal glow, I experienced a profound realisation – my true passion beckoned me in a different direction. With my heart guiding the way, I embarked on a transformative journey by removing weddings from my service offerings.

The Leap of Faith: Trusting Intuition

Hovering over the delete button, with the moon as my silent witness, I understood the enormity of the risk before me. After all, I had built a reputation as a sought-after wedding photographer – my schedule brimming with bookings. However, a whisper from within assured me that I was destined for a different purpose, a distinctive path that resonated with my essence.

The Alchemy of the Moment: A Lasting Impact

Aligned with the potent energy of the full moon in Aries, I took that leap of faith. The Aries full moon, known for its transformative influence, infused me with the courage to embrace change. As I surrendered to this celestial power, I welcomed the alchemy of the moment, forever silencing any traces of regret.

Embracing the Aries Full Moon's Call

As we approach September 29th, the day of the Harvest Moon and a full moon in Aries, we're presented with an opportunity to align with our life's purpose. This celestial event serves as a reminder to prioritise our aspirations and reflect on whether we're truly living in accordance with our authentic selves.

Embrace Balance: Libra Season's Invitation

With the transition into Libra season, characterized by the elements of air and the influence of Venus, the next four weeks provide a fertile ground for cultivating equilibrium in various aspects of our lives. It's a time to refine our relationships with ourselves and those around us, fostering harmony and mutual growth.

Harmonizing Commitments: Aries Full Moon and Libra Season

The synergy between the Aries full moon and Libra season is palpable. This cosmic alignment guides us to harmonise our dedication to personal growth with our responsibilities to others. It's a dance of equilibrium that encourages us to honour our unique journey while fostering connections with those on similar paths.

Navigating Transformation: A Mantra for Empowerment

Repeat this mantra as you navigate this transformative season: "My intuition is always leading me to the right place." Embrace the wisdom that resides within you, allowing it to guide you through every decision and transformational step.

Embracing the Journey of Balance

In your pursuit of balance, acknowledge that it's a journey that necessitates acknowledging and addressing imbalances. The process of creating harmony is ongoing, requiring dedication and introspection.

Cultivating Understanding and Connection

To connect with others authentically, start by understanding your own perspective. Empathy and insight into your own feelings and experiences lay the foundation for meaningful connections with others.

Surrounding Yourself with Empowering Influences

Surround yourself with individuals who inspire you to become the best version of yourself. Their support and encouragement can uplift you as you navigate through transformations.

Embrace Transformation with Support

If you’re ready to make a big, bold decision and step in front of the camera, I’m here to support you. And if you feel the pull to redefine your relationship with yourself and how others view you, my diary is open to guide you on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

I see you and I’m here to help you find harmony and embrace the beautiful, whole person you are. Let's harness the power of this transformative season together.

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