Are you ready to step into the light and let your light shine in the world? Whether we like it or not, living and working in a world where visibility is a vital pillar of our business, it's time to embrace being seen and heard. 

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a creative soul or simply seeking personal growth, visibility is often the catalyst that can propel you towards your goals.

Being visible isn't just about being noticed. It's about owning your unique voice and sharing your gifts with the world. It's about stepping out of the shadows of doubt and fear to step into the light of your true potential.

But how do you become more visible amongst the ever-growing crowds and persistent noise? It starts with cultivating confidence in yourself and your abilities. Believing in the value you bring to the table and letting that confidence radiate from within.

I’ve been on my own journey with visibility. Ever since I started living life cyclically, in alignment with the seasons, not only has it brought me so much joy, it’s given me the confidence to become my truest, most illuminated self. 

As a passionate light lover, deeply connected to the natural world, I've witnessed firsthand how aligning your brand with the seasons can unlock incredible opportunities for growth, impact and visibility.  

And with the magnetic energy of the approaching summer solstice, this is a wonderful moment to embrace the energy of the peak of summer and step into your next level of visibility.   

Brand shoots in divine alignment with nature

As a radically authentic brand and lifestyle photographer, my connection to nature has intuitively led me to create offerings in my business that feel really attuned to nature. 

Take The Gathering. It began with a seed of an idea. Born with the energy of a full moon and came into being on a full blue supermoon! A glorious brand shoot lit up with the essence of sisterhood, community and profound connection. It’s also what happened with Celestial Magick, anchoring brand shoot in divine alignment with nature and our cosmos.

Embracing the turn of the wheel 

As the ever-turning wheel of the year moves forward, as the sun reaches its peak and the energy of summer bursts through, midsummer presents a golden opportunity. For you to create things in your business and celebrate with a magickal brand shoot. To help move your ideas forward and get you closer to your vision. 

Here are 5 reasons why midsummer can be the ideal time of year to get yourself in front of the camera:

An abundance of natural light:

Midsummer boasts long daylight hours. More opportunities for abundant sunshine, offering what feels like endless daylight for glorious outdoor shoots. The soft, golden light of the season enhances the vibrancy of colours and adds a natural glow to images. The result? Magickal visual imagery that feels in deep alignment with the energy of the season.

Lush natural backdrops:

Nature is in full bloom during midsummer, with the lush landscapes of summer providing captivating backdrops. That can not only complement your brand's aesthetic but also narrate deep connection to the earth and the world around you.

Seasonal stories to narrate your imagery:

Midsummer offers so many seasonal stories to narrate your imagery. Nature narrates with cibrance, vitality, blossoming, carefree abundance, and supports us to capture aligned visual stories that align with your brand values and resonate with the souls you serve.

Alignment with energetic vibrancy:

Midsummer represents a time of peak energy and vitality, both in nature and within ourselves. By capturing the essence of midsummer's energy in your visuals, your photos can create a sense of optimism that inspire and engage your audience.

Strategic timing for your marketing:

Midsummer provides a unique window of opportunity. To capture the essence of the season in your brand shoot, leveraging the abundance of natural beauty and energetic vibrancy. By aligning your messaging with the spirit of midsummer, you get to show up in a way that invites deep connection.

It’s why I felt called to offer a series of exclusive midsummer brand sessions leading up to the summer solstice. On 17-21 June 2024, I’m inviting women to bask in the golden glow of this energy. The beauty of this fleeting moment in time, as they embrace the magick of midsummer and step into their next level of visibility and season of their business.  

If you desire to be more visible, this celestial event offers a transformative opportunity. To shine bright and embrace your radically authentic self.

It’s a moment of celebration and abundance, marking the pinnacle of the sun's journey and the height of its power. It's a time when the natural world is teeming with life and the air is alive with possibility. A reminder of the inherent brightness that resides within each of us.

A reminder: You’re worthy of being seen and celebrated.

Whether it's stepping into the spotlight, speaking your truth or simply allowing yourself to be fully seen and heard, it's a time to embrace visibility in all its forms. 

As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD aged 37, I know what this feels like.

I know embracing your visibility and your truth isn’t always easy. It requires courage, vulnerability and kindness as you embrace your authentic self.

Working with the energy of the seasons is a powerful support in this, infusing you with the strength and confidence to step into visibility in deep alignment with nature.

I’m here to walk this journey of empowerment with you. As you explore what your radical self expression gets to look like, because the world needs your light. As the more you take up space in the world, the easier it becomes for others to do the same too.

Step boldly into the light

As the sun reaches its zenith on the summer solstice, it calls us to step into the light and claim our rightful place in the world. It's a time to release the shadows of self-doubt and insecurity and bask in the brilliance of our own radiance. 

It reminds us that visibility is not only our birthright but our greatest source of strength.

Loves, it’s time to shine brightly, unapologetically and illuminate the world with the brilliance of our true selves. 

Here are 10 affirmations to help you prepare for the energy of this season:

  • I’m a radiant being, shining brightly in the light of the summer sun.
  • My visibility is my power and I embrace it fully and fearlessly.
  • As the sun reaches its peak, it supports my confidence and self-assurance.
  • I’m worthy of being seen and celebrated for all that I am.
  • I step into the light with grace and confidence, it is my birthright.
  • I allow my true self to shine brightly, illuminating the world with my unique gifts and talents.
  • I release any fear or doubt about being seen and embrace my visibility with open arms.
  • The energy of the summer solstice empowers me to step boldly into my visibility and embrace my authentic self.
  • I’m a beacon of light that can illuminate the path for others 
  • Today, I celebrate my visibility and acknowledge the potent impact I have on the world around me.

If you’re looking for a radically authentic brand and lifestyle photographer to help you step into your next level of visibility, let’s connect. Drop me an email at or a DM on Instagram.

Image: Magickal adventure on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales last summer with Alex.

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