In the lead up to a brand shoot recently, a client said to me:

‘I had no idea that it gets to feel this good and I have genuinely gone from a place of fear to excitement about having my photo taken’. 

I envision a world where we all feel safe to be seen, just as we are. But in order to be seen, feel heard, do good, you must first feel good... in yourself, your business, your product.

And this is why I share a snapshot of your shoot within 24 hours.

Because I know how expansive you'll feel after our time together and I want to keep the energy high. 

After receiving her handpicked preview images the day after her brand shoot, the same client said:

‘You have completely changed how I see and feel about myself in my business and my work and how I can bring that to the world!’

By showing you a speedy taster of your images, you get to see that the images we’ve created are part of the expansive journey of stepping into your future self.. How do I know? Because when I have my camera in hand, magic happens. And when you step in front of it, I'll capture you in the most incredible way. You'll be vibing from that energy for days (if not weeks!) after and have images that match this vibe too. 

But there are some important reasons why I don't dawdle when it comes to giving you that initial flavour of the magic we created together…

  1. I’m as excited as you are to share and see the images! Part of my workflow includes going back over the images when backing them up. This is when I hand pick a selection for you to see within 24 hours of our shoot, so you can get excited about the whole collection yet to come! 
  2. I really and truly value the investment people make in me. And I understand that there is such a build up to the shoot. I don’t want you to wait too long to be able to see the magical results…
  3. The pace at which people require these images for business can be quite instantaneous. Therefore, having a handful of images to use immediately while I work on your entire collection (which I edit and deliver within 7 working days!) is truly helpful.

I pride myself on being able to show you your truest self through my images. Showcasing the radical wild woman inside you. 

By trusting in the alchemy of the moment, we create a space to shoot with its own unique energy and it is this that brings a potency to create magic. Together, we'll reveal your truest self. And oh, it will be beautiful.

I see you. And I see your power. Ready to make some magic?

Head over here to check out how we can work together and let's get that energy high.

Previews from an epic half day branding session with goddess Sarah Tilley. Sarah, the founder of Beautiful Space, believes in the connection between human happiness and a sustainable world. Beautiful Space exists to connect people with love, community and nature as a whole. Sarah is a psychedelic guide, integration specialist and clinical therapist specialising in psychedelic therapy, modern relationships and sexual wellness. Her work is pioneering and she is leading global research shining a spotlight on consciousness being the new paradigm of health. I absolutely adored capturing these images for her. Sarah booked the Shoot & Stay experience. Staying and shooting at Broadstairs Location House and heading out on the coast at golden hour in to dusk and we were treated to a full moon rise! You can find out more about Shoot & Stay here.

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